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Beside the Pointed 

Collaborative work created with fiction writer Jacob D. Wilson for week long residency  with Murze Magazine’s online Iso Art Fest. 

During second week of May 2020,  we been contemplated the nature of the rhetoric surrounding the Covid outbreak, how even as we sequestered ourselves in our homes, isolating ourselves from social situations, somehow the weight of our friends desires and our communities fears seeped into our homes.

Perhaps it was simply the shift in expectations or the creation of new social dynamics that disturbed us: six feet of space here, to wear or not to wear a mask, the reality of all these new social obligations creating a new paradigm that has shifted our awareness to the reality of the uncertainty of our speech. That, there in the midst of unfolding, with every new revelation we realized that a belief we assimilated yesterday—today, no longer holds true.

Interview from the project HERE.


(c) stacy Isenbarger 2022