to find (in) words


artworks created in conversation with Penny Morgan, Professor Emeritis of Fire Ecology & Forest Ecology at the University of Idaho, made possible through the “Visualizing ScienceVIP Grant Project.

“lines drawn by our own interpretations and interventions 

              fill.       permeate.”

- from hand-stitched words in curtain in to find (in) words installation

In Exhibtion:

to find (in) words

Prichard Gallery, Moscow, Idaho,

to find (in) words: spring

Art Museum of Eastern Idaho, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Drawing featuring mended words from correspondance between Morgan & Isenbarger. Text also hand stitched in curtain fabric featured in original 2017 to find (in) words installation.

field work & making poetic connections

“It’s like 

[arm extending left]

over here, gone.BUT over there

[arm extending right]


Gatlinburg, TN Resident, Jan. 2017

Over There, Gone. Here, Nothing. (Gatlinburg). 25.5in x 15in x 1.75in
Created at one week Pentaculum Residency at Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN one month after the Great Smokey Mountain wildfires of 2016.

2017 interview for University of Idaho’s Visualizing Science.


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